Do You Have a Board of Advisors?

Dain - December 2, 2016

Whose in your personal circle? Who do you keep around as part of your own board of advisors?

I hope you keep books around. But also make a list of the 10 people from history you look up to.

Then every time you do something you know isn’t good for you, ask yourself “What would Sir Isaac Newton say about this?”. When you have a challenging decision to make ask your board of advisors how they would handle the situation. If you are unable to imagine the next level in your life, realize that you are standing on the shoulders of these giants. Anything is possible with the proper context.

Will Durant says these are the top 10 people of all time:

1. Confucius
2. Plato
3. Aristotle
4. Saint Thomas Aquinas
5. Copernicus
6. Sir Francis Bacon
7. Sir Isaac Newton
8. Voltaire
9. Immanuel Kant
10. Charles Darwin

This book is fascinating. He breaks down all of these folks and why he thinks each wins the top spot over others in their field. Very controversial list though, who do you think should be added?

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