How Effective Are You?

Dain - December 12, 2016

Spending Sunday morning re-reading the Effective Executive by Peter Drucker by the fire.

Every time I read this I pick up some new action items to implement in my day job as a manager. Today I picked up a few amazing questions I plan to ask myself over and over throughout the upcoming week.

Those questions are…

1. How many meetings do I hold involving participants who aren’t necessary but want to feel involved? The problem with this, as Drucker says, they will feel compelled to ask questions. A ten person meeting can be reduced from 4 hours to 1 by reducing from ten people to three and sending a summary to all ten original invitees via email.

2. What am I doing, on my own accord, that wastes time? Drucker makes a good point that even the most effective executives waste time and their day can be pruned even more. There was a man named Harry Hopkins who was President Rosevelt’s confidential advisor in World War II. The man was so sick he could only work 3 hours a day, and due to that time constraint he became known as “Lord Heart of the Matter”. That’s how you should be known in your organization. Lord Heart of the Matter.

3. How chaotic is my organization on a day to day basis? Drucker says when he was first becoming a consultant he had to figure out what differentiated a well managed industrial plan from a poorly managed one. He says the answer was chaos. If the plant was boring and dull as can be, it was more often than not managed sharply. Likewise if it was full of folks running around, with as he says “the epic of industry” pulsing through the office it is probably poorly managed. Huge take away. How boring is your company? You can probably manage it better. Your mission shouldn’t be dull but the day to day should.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday. Reminders for today: rest, recharge, gain more knowledge for the week ahead, and ready your shield. Today’s workplaces are the battle front of business. Your shield better be ready, and your armor strong.

Stay effective.

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