On the Value of Aggression

Dain - April 24, 2016

You’re gonna get after it. You’re gonna move fast, you’re gonna think fast, you’re going to out think and out maneuver the enemy. It doesn’t matter if the enemy is blows life throws at you or a man with a gun or another military. If I think the enemy is going to attack me, I’m going to attack him first. And if I think the enemy is going to seize a piece of terrain, I’m going to be there waiting for him. And if the enemy is going to try and flank me…too late… I’m already going to be flanking him. I don’t view aggression as an outward attitude. I view it as an internal character trait. A fire in your mind that says I. AM. GOING. TO. WIN. Im going to fight and I’m going to battle and I’m going to use every single tool that I have to crush my enemy. And that tool might be fists, but it also might be guile. And it might be a frontal attack, but it also might be a covert assassination of the enemy. Of the pain and fear and worry. And it could be a vulgar display of POWER. but just as likely it could be a subtle political maneuver. And that’s what aggression is. The unstoppable burning desire the FIRE to achieve success using every possible resource and tool, every asset, every strategy and tactic to bring about victory. To me, aggression is the will to WIN. And if that kind of internal and relentless aggression is your default mode, then YOU WILL WIN.

– Jocko Willink Episode 19, The Jocko Podcast

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