Advanced Beginner Challenge

Everyone teaching programming is doing it wrong. They are doing it backwards. You SHOULD NOT be learning syntax, ever. You should be learning what you need to get your first job - because that's where you learn the most.

Join us. Because anything else is a waste of your time.

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Start Here Book Club

Books can change your life. Join us today in our online live-call based book club, where we encourage and keep you accountable to move forward in your life and career!

No other book club like this exists. I can guarantee that.

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Do you want to level up in your career? We can help you with that! We are your new mentors as we share our industry experience, insight, and resources to help get you from knowing nothing to becoming an expert.

Everyone starts somewhere and you’re starting here.

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I Want to Help You with Your Career

Did you know mentors and coaches are the PROVEN best way to grow your career or business?

Well, if not, now you do. And I want to be your next mentor and coach.

I'm a career coach and I offer a number of products and services (see links above) to help you grow in your career and business!


Next Steps...

If you do nothing else while you are here, check out my podcast and YouTube video series by clicking the button to the right 👉. It's totally free, and will change your life (don't take my word for it -- read the comments).