It seems to me if you are any 2 of the following 3 things you will be well received on a dev team:

1. You write highly maintainable code (which means readable and documented and best practice driven), that is a little buggy.

2. You write poorly maintainable code (which means very hard to read or poor use of patterns, obscure patterns, etc), but bug free – all edge cases handled not elegantly, but correctly.

3. You’re humble, team oriented, positive, and enthusiastic – aka a pleasure to be around. This is what we call a “culture fit” .

If you are any 2 of those 3 you will be fine for the first 4 years of your career.

That means that you can be a junior that writes bug-free well thought out code, but be so ugly about it. Or you can be a junior that writes very well structured code, but has a little more trouble with edge cases (bugs) and grows over time – as long as you are positive and willing to grow with it.